What Evelyn Wood Teaches 1,000 Members how to sew on the internet

Nov 12, 2023

When Australian Evelyn Wood was introduced to sewing machines at high school, it marked the beginning of a romantic relationship.

"I'd not even heard of a sewing machine before that," Wood tells . "I was 13 and I was obsessed with sewing and creating things I could ."

Then, at Christmas, she was given the sewing machine of her dreams in order to sew at home. "Since that time, I've been interested in sewing clothes," she shares. "It's an expression of who I am. It was also difficult to discover clothes that I liked or that were in line with my character, therefore being able to develop my own style of fashion was appealing for me ."

Through the high school years, Wood attended fashion college. Following graduation, she became employed in the bridal sector in several roles which opened her up to the world of fashion. After a few years of work, she took the choice to leave work and establish her own business. One of the first items she planned to launch was an old-fashioned replica clothing line. "My most cherished affection is vintage garments. I've recreated clothing from the 1930s, the 1920s and 40s by the way it looked and felt." Wood says. Wood.

Additionally, she created and made custom-made garments as well as altered clothing for clients. She also taught sewing on-site. "So that clients were able to ask me questions regarding my designs that I later made available for sale. They wanted to know ways to tailor clothes to suit their needs," she explains. "At the time I was thinking about my business and where it was headed. I'm a huge advocate for sustainability, but I was not sure that the concept of a sustainable label fashion could meet the requirements of the people all over the world. I realized that the world needed an instructor that could instruct these practices so that individuals could make clothes themselves at home. ."

After she realized that is the situation, she changed her mind and began focusing her energy in teaching. Wood recognized the need for an online business, and that is the reason she started her web-based Vintage Sewing school that offers online classes. The business has undergone many changes to arrive at the place it is at now, Wood now runs a popular membership program that teaches students to improve their sewing capabilities in order to make the best quality clothes they desire. Wood has more than 1,000 members from all over the world.

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She created an online membership service to members

Prior to launching her membership Wood began to offer online courses. It was a little skeptical to provide a membership. "I would have liked an "one and done" class, but I was thinking it'd be a lot more work-intensive," she explains. " I decided to take a move and change the course into a membership program that offers a lower monthly cost with expectation that participants will attend longer and make to complete the classes to help improve their abilities. ."

"When I decided to do that, I could see that it was working and brought my company to the next stage. It was the perfect fit for what I was looking for," she continues. "I absolutely adore with my pupils and how they make the best school it can be. ."

Her membership now comes with complete videos that includes more than 150 recorded lessons. Students are able to take lessons at any time from anywhere. Every month, additional classes are offered to help students in taking their abilities to a higher level. Additionally, she holds each week Q&As along with an assemblage of people who share the same passion for making top quality clothing with an old-fashioned technique.

"We can only afford the time we need during our working day" she says. "My membership allows people to gradually improve their abilities as time passes. That's exactly what my customers were looking for and what I felt it was necessary ."

At present, she's content to have an income per month with her membership plan. "It gives me the assurance of security. Evergreen's products Evergreen are suited to both me and my clients," adds Wood.

In order to select an online education platform, she conducted test of various types. " My choice was the one that stood out,"" she elaborates. "It came with all the things I needed for my venture, and it had a variety of functions and ease of use in managing the back end. It was able for everything I needed, and will continue to meet this need. ."

Wood's audience of more than 1,000 is spread across the globe.

Most of her students are from the US in addition to Europe There are a few Europeans too. However, she has a few Australians with her students too. The two main groups are the people she offers to are elderly empty nesters 50+ who want to improve their sewing abilities as well as those either in their 20s or 30s and seeking ways to express themselves and create their own style, while recognizing the long-term value of their goals.

The primary method she uses to make sure that people can locate her and gain participation is through her renowned YouTube channel. With a number of subscribers of 351K or more her channel has been YouTube as her main source of traffic since leaving her full-time position 9 years ago.

"I chose to concentrate on YouTube since sewing can be effective. When you're struggling in your sewing abilities and want to find tutorial videos about how you can do it," explains Wood.

Apart from tutorial videos which focus on specific sewing abilities Her content on YouTube offers a general understanding of sewing like how to practice best practices, strategies, techniques and strategies. "It's an entire discussion about what you can do to improve your results when sewing, not just sewing tutorials" she said.

When asked how she built such large and engaged audiences she explained that it was because of consistency. she released one video each week. "This allows me to go back to the past to see what kinds of videos were successful and which generated interest" she says.

Furthermore, she tried to include a personal aspect to her YouTube videos, either through the videos themselves or the comments.

"In my YouTube content, I make the effort to speak with the viewer as if we're being in the same room," she says. "A number of people tell me they feel like they're acquaintances with me or claim that they feel like I'm speaking directly to them through my content ."

She created a simple process for customers to use

In every video uploaded to YouTube you will find the link to Vintage Sewing School. "That means that if users are impressed by my instruction and the things I'm saying and wish to become members, they will be eligible to join for a greater level of education ."

She also offers a free tutorial, called"the Crash Course to Learn How To Sew. The course is targeted at anyone looking to learn how to use their initial sewing machines.

"I have decided to make it available for free since I believe everyone should have the ability start working on their machines," she says. "This program is completely free, and lets them experience the school along with the tech platforms, the system and the method of filming. Once they complete it and are satisfied that they're happy with the course, they'll be able to join as an active member ."

The course can be a good fit for those who are new to the field. The instructor is looking to develop a new class for those who have more experience, as she says that the majority of people who visit her website want to further expand their knowledge of what they've gained from the course.

Once you've joined it is possible to cancel your membership at any time and there's no minimum commitment. "Many users choose to join right away but the free Crash Course works quite well for converting them" she elaborates.

The cost of her membership was affordable

For Wood as well as other course designers, the course could be viewed as one of the toughest aspects of designing the course.

"I remember trying to think for a long time on what the ideal price could have been," she says. "There isn't one size that fits all. Of course, you can, observe other individuals with similar jobs, however, their approach will never match your own. ."

After that, she decided on a cost for membership of $19 USD per month, after reflecting on the goals she had in mind for her job.

"I would like people to remain with us for as many years as they wish to grow their skills. I would like the price to be reasonable, while demonstrating the high quality that exists and balanced ."

In the beginning, when she first joined her club it was offered to its members an affordable price and they have continued to pay until today. The cost of $19 USD is the exact same. To collect payments she uses Stripe along with .

HTML0 She stood out from the other girls.

It's crucial to know that Wood's School doesn't only teach students how to sew using a pattern, but helps them improve developing their sewing abilities so that they can create and fit every single dress that comes to their heads. For that, Wood teaches the age-old technique of dressing. Once they have mastered this method and become familiar with it, they can be confidently demonstrating their abilities to sew, alter and alter, or fit clothing and repair them at home.

"I instruct slightly differently from others sewing institutions," she says. "Generally when you look at sewing online classes or classes in person the focus is on teaching a method that's step-by-step. It's project-based learning. My experience was that I discovered that I enjoyed sewing due to the desire to create and design things I enjoyed dressing in my personal style. That's the type of person that draws me ."

"I have decided to turn my membership into a library of skills instead of a project-based course," she adds. "I want it to function as an online resource about how to make clothes. ."

In addition to her fundamental course, which will instruct basic sewing skills, students will also be able to benefit from programs based around specific abilities that they are able to select from. "Vintage Sewing School" is designed in order to let you go to distinct courses that allow you to pursue your individual education. Students have the ability to login into the membership and search for their own needs as they work on their own projects that they've created to themselves. ."

 She was instrumental in creating a vibrant community

Wood believes that a feeling of belonging is an essential factor in studying on the internet. Although everything is on the internet in the present, she believes having friendships is an important aspect of education. Indeed, when asked about trends she anticipates to be in place by 2024 and beyond, she says that the course creators will have to develop communities.

"Online learning is certainly an approach that is effective," she shares. "But it's equally important to believe that community spirit, or the capability to reach the ground, is essential ."

To foster this connection between the students at Vintage Sewing School, her students are encouraged to be part of a unique group which is facilitated by Circle. In this group, they are able to share the work they have done, learn of each other, pose questions and get to know people with the same enthusiasm to make clothes. They describe this group as a "thriving community ."

She put together a modest but powerful team

A team can be a significant milestone for any business manager. It is a fact that Wood who's an executive team member, she believes that she has made the right choice she's made.

This is especially true considering the challenges Wood endured over the past 12 months. When she was diagnosed as having breast cancer the team she was with played an important role in ensuring that her business was running while she underwent chemotherapy treatment, radiation and surgical procedures. "My team is competent enough to manage the business and manage everything regardless of me not being able to be there constantly," she reveals.

Furthermore, she's an editor for videos that helps her edit the videos she's created to accompany her classes as well as YouTube videos, the content editor, who takes videos and transforms them into text for use in the lesson description and as a customer support who will be able to respond to questions through emails. "When I first started my journey, I thought it might be possible to have somebody like an VA help me. Since then, I am being surrounded by a community of just me and also new members coming from all over the globe. It's amazing." Wood says. Wood ."

Today, Wood has gotten back in her stride following a favorable prognosis, Wood looks forward to the future. Anyone experiencing similar issues similar to Wood suggests forming teams in order to allow those suffering to make their lives "infinitely more manageable" ."

"After suffering from illness throughout my entire time in the hospital, I am now feeling like I've returned to normal and ready to take on new opportunities and thinking about the direction I'd like pursue for the company." she says.

Wood is currently contemplating her future plans in conjunction with Vintage Sewing School; "perhaps I'll bring on more instructors to assist them with their own sewing spaces and also provide assistance to the wider community. There's so much that we could do to create the best sewing school around the globe and offer an experience that is unique in learning traditional methods of sewing," continues Wood.

She's remained consistent

When she started her own sewing shop in period of 2000 Wood claims that she saw her world was transformed dramatically way. "I did not realize that the business I started would develop to be as it is now, nor was it the most exciting of dreams," she shares.

the ability to help students has brought me a feeling of satisfaction.    

Her research has revealed two key aspects that led to her success: consistency as well as differentiating her sewing studio against other sewing classes. "The way I teach can be a little unclear, but the vast majority of students just need a plan and capable of following the directions. Self-study as a sort of institution that requires students to come in and learn the basics by themselves is completely out of the box--but I realized that this is what drove me to make things, and that's something I'd love to have while I studied," Wood says. Wood.

In the event that you're looking to start an online learning business, but aren't sure where to begin, Wood recommends putting the initial steps forward through putting yourself out and testing out different strategies.

"Put a couple of things on the market and find out what's working and what you need to concentrate on," she suggests. "My company went through several versions until I came to the stage of identifying the top methods. It took me 6 years to establish my own personal membership. It began to take off ."

"By exploring a wide range of options, as well as allowing yourself to test different methods of taking things in, you'll find what methods are most effective," she adds. "Stick to the fact that you are unique and is the sole you as well as be part of the ."

"Just do it!" she tells us. "Don't get scared. Begin with a tiny amount and throw a range of little things out there in a trial to find out the things that work. You'll then be able to determine what's working, as the procedure will be working ."

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