Jun 7, 2024

Automattic for agencies is an unified system that is focused on agencies and works with all of Automattic's products and services, such as Jetpack, Pressable, and WordPress.com. The platform also offers agencies dedicated customer and technical support, access to new income streams, as well as more resources to support their work.

In the coming months The current WooExperts Agency program will merge into the brand new Automattic for Agencies program. In the meantime, WooExperts will be operating in the same way as they always have.

 Increase the revenue

Participating agencies can increase earnings by referring and reselling the full range of Automattic products. They can also earn bonus and revenue sharing opportunities for certain products. Volume discounts, custom multi-site buying and managing tools and a revamped referral program allow you to increase the revenue streams you earn.

Grid views of the new Automattic for Agencies dashboard and interface.

 A single, simplified dashboard

Agencies will be able to take advantage of the complete variety of Automattic's services via a unified dashboard, which will also include simplified payment and site management tools.

 Unparalleled support

Automattic for Agencies offers an all-encompassing support system focusing on the diverse demands of the ecosystem of agencies. Woo's famous Happiness Engineers and agency partner managers will work alongside service and support teams from Automattic's entire portfolio to offer a comprehensive service to agencies as well as their clients.

 Security simplified

Agents will also be able to get access to notifications immediately about crucial changes and security alerts to products and services used by their clients, providing an all-in-one view of the store for security of the store and stability.

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