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Feb 18, 2024

The Complete List of Ten Top Membership Themes You Can Utilize with WordPress

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Learn more about our professional guide to the top membership themes on WordPress specifically designed for companies looking to stand out, functional and customizable.

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  • 1. Divi Master of Personalization
  • 2. Ultra Making Design a Breeze
  • 3. OceanWP An All-Rounder for Your Membership Site
  • 4. Hestia Pro Modernizing Contemporary Elegance
  • 5. Authority Pro Performance at Its Peak
  • 6. The Binder Pro where Elegance meets Functionality
  • 7. Shoppe Elevating the Ecommerce Experience
  • 8. Zelle Unleashing Creativity with Optimized Performance
  • 9. Elegant A Harmonized Mix of Form and Function
  • 10. Astra Champion of Flexibility and Usability
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It's a thrilling world of membership sites! They are opening the door to many new opportunities for your business. You can count on recurring revenue!

It's essential to pick the appropriate design that does not just aligns with your branding but also allows for the flexibility and adaptability required to satisfy the specific needs of your business.

What are the most efficient WordPress themes available for membership sites?

In this piece we take a look at the top 10 most popular multi-purpose themes that are well for membership websites.

There are a myriad of topics available We've narrowed your options to the people who read.

Man on laptop smiling

Let's start exploring these premium WordPress themes.

1. Divi Master of Personalization

Divi Homepage

If you're setting up your own website that is based on membership to promote your business, Divi can be your ultimate objective. It can transform your website into an artistic work of art that's tailored to your needs that will provide a pleasant user experience.

The Best for:

Divi is an ideal choice for new businessesand established websites that want to present the world with the distinctive and personal user experience. Divi can be particularly useful to professional artists who wish to promote their works or offer with a stunning and attractive manner.

Highlights We're Loving:

  • Multi-purpose Layouts Divi provides thousands of predefined layouts specifically designed for membership sites, making site design and customization an easy process.
  • Unlimitable Customization The possibilities for customizing are practically limitless when using Divi such as animated animations, fonts and colors patterns and backgrounds.
  • Plug-in Compatibility: Along with ensuring seamless performance when used in conjunction with Member, Divi also offers an unmatched compatibility to the various crucial WordPress plugins.

Pro-Tip: Try Divi >>

2. Ultra Design: Creating Design A Breeze

Themify Ultra WordPress theme

In search of simplicity, Ultra is more than only a WordPress theme. It's a seamless blend of a simple interface and powerful features. Ideal for people who appreciate the simplicity and ease to create websites.

 Ideal For:

Ultra is ideal for novices or owners of businesses who require an easy, intuitive design. Its simplicity makes it an excellent choice for anyone who want to participate in their site's design without having a degree on web-based design.

Highlights We Are Loving:

  • It is able to sync seamlessly It is able to effortlessly sync effortlessly with Member and other crucial WordPress plugins.


Utilize Ultra's drag-and-drop builders to its fullest advantage! Be sure to create an unforgettable, enjoyable event for your customers with meticulously designed layouts.

Add this to Ultra's integration with Member You can create exclusive content, and add additional features to your membership website which are popular with those who come to your website. Try Ultra >>

3. OceanWP: An All-Rounder for Your Membership Site

OceanWP theme page

Are you looking for an original WordPress theme? Learn more about OceanWP. It's a multi-purpose theme. OceanWP.

The theme comes with a variety of features yet made to be easy-to-use with the ease of use in your mind. OceanWP allows you to .

 Ideal For:

OceanWP is an excellent alternative if you're in search of an online site which is as vivid as it is useful. Thanks to its wide range of color options and widgets that can be customized both professionals and business owners who are creative alike are able to achieve the right level of personalization.

  The Features We're Loving:

While OceanWP is open to everyone, OceanWP surpasses the other competitors on the basis of high-quality. The benefits include:

  • A Comprehensive color PaletteLooking to fill your site with colors that match your company's image? This theme gives you a vast choice of color options that permit you to customize your website's appearance precisely for your company.
  • robust custom widgetsIncluded within the theme are a selection of custom widgets, enhancing both the aesthetic and functionality of your website. These are specially designed to elevate your site's appearance and enhance the efficiency of its operation.
  • With Demos and templates built in: Especially designed to cater to membership websites and expand your options in website design.
  • Exceptional compatibility: It works seamlessly alongside Member and Member to ensure smooth running of your site without any issues when it comes to compatibility.
  • This feature also allows an increased level of personalization which allows you to personalize the site in accordance with your personal preference.
  • Advanced ExtensionsOceanWP comes loaded with several high-end extension. This additional functionality makes it feel like having access to the most powerful tools to improve your site's look and function.

Pro-Tip: Test OceanWP >>

4. Hestia Pro Redefining Contemporary Elegance

Screenshot of Hestia PRO home page

Hestia Pro, with its elegant design and practical features, beautifully combines attractiveness and practicality.

It's a go-to choice for people who run membership websites and are looking to create an impression that will last.

Ideal For:

The perfect solution for those who run membership websites who appreciate stunning and elegant images, yet also need to have the features of a functioning membership site.

features We're Loving:

  • Modern design elements: With Hestia Pro Your website can be transformed into an amazing blend of design attraction and functional.
  • Customization Freedom: The theme's comprehensive options provide extensive customization capabilities. So, you'll be able to tweak your site in accordance with your own needs and preferences. There is no way you can guarantee that Hestia Pro powered websites will appear exactly the same.
  • It does not just include Members, however it contains one of the most famous ecommerce platforms: WooCommerce. This is great news for those who you are planning to market items or services with the membership option you have!


You can seamlessly build an ecommerce platform on your site that will generate revenue as well as a seamless user experience. In this way, Hestia Pro allows your website to be expanded to allow for a more broad commercial model.    Try it out Hestia Pro >>

5. The Authority Pro - Performance At Its Peak

Authority Pro WordPress theme

Authority Pro is recognized for the ability it has to greatly increase interaction between users.

 The Best For:

Authority Pro can be used for membership sites which focus on user-friendliness and conversion. This can be a good option for companies that wish to give users a smooth user experience.

Features We Enjoy:

  • Conversion-Targeted Website: The design is geared to increase the rate at which users convert, which makes it an ideal tool to increase your number of subscribers.
  • High-Speed Performance The users will no longer have to endure lengthy page loading times, resulting in the user with a effortless browsing experiencee that will keep users returning to the site for more.


In order to maximize the benefits of Authority Pro's fast performance be sure that the content and images are designed for the internet..

So, you can maintain rapid loading times throughout your website, improve users' experience, and also keep your site members.
    The homepage's goal-oriented design is an asset worth preserving. Pay it the respect it deserves by constantly checking and tweaking the page to ensure optimal efficiency.

Make use of this site to advertise your unique selling points for your business and see the numbers of your customers grow.    Try Authority Pro >>

6. Binder Pro: A Space Where Style and Functionality Meet

Binder Pro WordPress theme

The word "elegant" is part of the game in Binder Pro. Its modules are a combination of beauty and convenience that makes it suitable for a variety of membership sites, which appreciate aesthetics as well as user experience.

 The best for:

Entrepreneurs who seek a balanced mix of design and functionality in their membership sites can discover the ideal solution with Binder Pro.

What We're Loving:

Binder Pro is an attractive and functional choice for various membership sites offering a number of attractive features.

  • Plug-and-Play Modules: Offers easy-to-use modules for rapid, attractive layout designs.
  • All-In-One Solution: It is equipped with full help, which includes contact forms as well as custom widgets. Pricing tables and WooCommerce compatibility.
  • Multi-purpose:Presents design adaptability to be able to accommodate various types of membership sites.


Binder Pro's modules that are available for use make it simple and quick to integrate stunning design elements into your website. Make use of these modules to design attractive member pages that are able to be converted. Try Binder Pro >>

7. Shoppe: Growing the Ecommerce Experience

Shoppe WordPress theme

Shoppe is a e-commerce platform that's powerful, perfect for membership sites which integrate sales of products. The distinctive design and easy-to-use tools allow you to manage an online store that is merged with a membership website a breeze.

HTML1 The Best For:

If you manage a membership website and also have a retail store section, Shoppe provides a one-stop solution.

Highlights We Enjoy highlights We Enjoy:

Shoppe is among the WordPress themes that has a strong accent on online shopping. This makes it an ideal choice for sites with membership that are looking to sell more. It's capabilities are as follows:

  • eCommerce The First The layout elevates your product sales.
  • Easy Design Tools Live customizer as well as demo installer to make designing much easier.
  • A Unique Dashboard A custom-designed dashboard for your theme that provides a distinctive and simple-to-use interface for managing your website.


Make use of Shoppe to seamlessly join your membership and retail offerings and provide an integrated user experience. Try Shoppe >>

8. Zelle unlocking your creativity by optimizing performance

Zelle Pro WordPress theme

Zelle is an excellent mix of imagination and speed. Its distinct design elements and quick set-up is ideal for sites that wish to make an impact with a fluid easy-to-use experience.

 The Best for:

Are you looking for an innovative approach to your website without degrading your site's speed or performance? Zelle is your guy!

Highlights We Love:

Here are a few remarkable qualities which make it a top selection

  • Unique Aesthetic AppealThanks to its creative elements like parallax effects and custom content blocks Zelle allows you to use the power of HTML0 to design stunning, beautiful and original design ideas.
  • Rapid setupZelle provides a fast and simple setup process that allows you to redesign your site's membership features in no time.


Utilize Zelle's unique design tools to create a distinctive design on your membership site. The effects of parallax and the individual content blocks make your website stand out from others and entertain customers to a greater extent. Try Zelle >>

9. Elegant: Harmonized Mix of Form and Functional

Elegant WordPress theme

Elegant makes itself stand in a category that recognizes the relationship between both form and function. The theme is designed for ease of use, making sure you and your guests will enjoy a pleasurable user experience.

If it's for a creative agency, professional portfolio, a corporate website or perhaps an online store Elegant's flexibility Elegant is the best choice for any kind of requirement for businesses.

Furthermore, it works with the most popular WordPress plugins, ensuring that there's no reason to sacrifice options and features vital to run your business effectively.

Best For:

Elegant's clean and minimalist design is perfect for corporate and membership sites that require an elegant look, but without degrading the performance of their websites.

 Features We Are Loving:

Elegant brings a wide range of desirable characteristics to the dining room table:

  • Multi-Design Options:With choices including six colors including social icons, as well as multi-column designs.
  • Integrated Portfolio Section Ideal for showing your business, service or other products.
  • Support:Fully supports Member and WooCommerce. It is an all-encompassing solution to all your membership and ecommerce needs.


Make use of Elegant's portfolio section to showcase the best of your works or items. Utilize it to promote your membership's value and the appeal of your membership. Then watch your signup rate soar. Try Elegant >>

10. Astra is the Champion of Flexibility and Usability.

Astra WordPress theme homepage

 The Best For:

If you're seeking flexible customization options and an easy installation process, then you'll appreciate the features of Astra. Astra has to offer.

The Features We're Enjoying:

Astra is distinct as an WordPress theme because of the following:

  • Super Customizability The program caters to a wide range of user needs and preferences.
  • Starter Websites for Quick Launch Starter Sites that dramatically speed up the website creation process at the beginning.


Make use of Astra's starter websites and get your website up and running quickly. With a wide variety of designs that you are able to easily select and modify a layout, saving time and effort. Test Astra >

Last Thoughts

Online Ecommerce Shopping Website Or Store

The following article concludes our look at the top WordPress membership themes! Each theme comes with its own distinct style and an impressive collection of functions, making sure your site doesn't only look pretty but it's powerful in its functionality. powerhouse in functionality.

Remember, the right theme matches your individual style and will meet the needs of your.

The themes we looked at today aren't only appealing at first glance. They're powerful and have capabilities that will propel your membership website up to new heights.

Try them out to find the ideal mix for your company! We're at the edge of our seats and curious to know which combination you choose! Let us know about it And if there be any questions you'd like to ask us make a note in the in the comments below!

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