The complete list of most well-liked membership themes available on WordPress The definitive collection of the best 10 themes for membership available through the WordPress WordPress The Membership plugin as well as Membership Websites

Feb 18, 2024

A complete list of the 10 themes that are loved by users of WordPress

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HTML0 HTML0 Check out our expert guide to the most popular membership themes available on WordPress specially designed to suit businesses who are looking to appear elegant and flexible.

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  • 1. Divi Master of Personalization
  • 2. Ultra Making Design a Breeze
  • 3. OceanWP An All-Rounder for Your Membership Site
  • 4. Hestia Pro - Redefining Modern Elegance
  • 5. Authority Pro Performance at Its Maximum
  • 6. A Binder Pro where style and function meet
  • 7. Shoppe is transforming the Ecommerce Experience
  • 8. Zelle unleashing the creative potential of your child through optimal Performance
  • 9. Beautiful Harmonized Combination of Form and Functional
  • 10. Astra Champion of Flexibility and Usability
  •       Final Ideas

Welcome to the world of member websites! It's the beginning of opportunities for growing your company. Prepare for the possibility of recurring income!

It is essential to select the correct theme that aligns with your branding image of your company. It also provides the flexibility and flexibility required to fulfill the needs of your company.

Which are the most efficient WordPress themes available for creating sites that are based on membership?

In this blog this blog, we'll discuss the top 10 best multi-purpose, top quality themes for websites that offer membership.

There's a wide range of topics to pick from, however we've selected the most popular topics for your ease.

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Let's begin exploring these best WordPress themes.

1. Divi Master of Personalization

Divi Homepage

If you're looking to start an online enterprise that's built on the concept of "membership," Divi is likely to be your top priority. Divi could transform your website into an attractive artwork that has a unique function to provide an excellent user experience.

     is ideal for:    

Divi is an excellent option for firms that are starting outand established websites that want to provide the world with unique and personalized clients with an experience that is unique and personalized. Divi can be particularly useful for individuals with an artistic flair and want to showcase their offerings or services with a visual manner.

Our Favorite Features:

  • Flexible Layouts Divi has a variety of layouts that have been designed especially for membership websites which makes changes to particular websites a snap.
  • infinite customization The possibilities for customizing are virtually limitless with Divi using animated images and Fonts that complement the hues of backgrounds, shades and patterns.
  • Compatibility plugins Along with ensuring the unhindered use of Member when used with members, Divi also offers complete compatibility with the essential WordPress plugins.

Pro-Tip: Test Divi

2. Ultra Design How To create a design in a simple

Themify Ultra WordPress theme

Ultra's main feature Ultra is its simplicity, Ultra is more than just a typical WordPress theme. It's an easy user interface and robust abilities. It's perfect for users looking for the easiest, simplest method to build websites.

     is suitable for:    

Ultra is an ideal choice for newbies or people who need a straightforward user-friendly site design. Its simplicity makes it the ideal option for users looking to play a major role in the creation of the site. But, they might have no experience in the area of development of websites.

Highlights that We Like:

  • The Sync effortlessly integrates Members into all of the other crucial WordPress plugins.


Utilize Ultra's drag-and drop builders to maximize your use! Make sure you are conscious of your potential to create the most unique and enjoyable user experience using the help of a well-organized design.

Together with Ultra's integration in conjunction with the integration of Member You is a great way to create original content, as well as include features in your website's membership, which will make it a big hit with people who come to your site. Test Ultra

3. OceanWP: An All-Rounder for Your Membership Site

OceanWP theme page

Are you in search of an innovative WordPress theme? Learn more about the OceanWP theme's versatility, OceanWP.

A theme with many choices, but designed specifically with users' needs with the user in the back of their minds. OceanWP will help you to become more effective .

     The Best For:    

OceanWP is an excellent choice when you're in search of the type of site that's as colorful as it is practical. With its wide array of colour options and custom widgets, businesses as well as individuals who have a creative mind can come up with an individual and unique look.

Highlights We Love:

While OceanWP is accessible to everyone, OceanWP surpasses the competition in terms of the services offered. The benefits include:

  • Large Color PaletteLooking to improve your site's appearance and design by employing vibrant colors that match the image of your business? This theme has many shades that allow you to tailor your website layout to reflect your company's appearance.
  • customizable widgets that can be customized to your specifications.Included in this theme are an array of customized widgets that enhance the performance and appearance of your site. These are specifically designed to enhance the look of your site, as well as increase your site's performance.
  • It comes with demos built in and templates specially designed for use on websites that are membership-based and expand the options for designing your website.
  • Fantastic compatibility It seamlessly integrates with members and Member which assures smooth operation of your site without issues regarding compatibility.
  • It also permits further customization. This allows you to customize your website to meet the needs of your specific requirements.
  • Advanced Extensions:OceanWP has a wide variety of premium Extensions. It is as if you have the ability to gain access to a wide range of useful instruments that can enhance the look of your site and enhance the appearance of your. site and improve its functionality.

Pro-Tip: Go check it out! OceanWP >

4. Hestia Pro New definition of modern-day style

Screenshot of Hestia PRO home page

Hestia Pro, with its attractive design and functional features, combines style with practicality.

It's the best alternative for those who run websites for members and wish to leave lasting impressions.

     is ideal to:    

The perfect solution for members of websites who enjoy stunning and stylish images however, they wish to also provide all the benefits that an effective membership site should offer.

Highlights we're loving

  • Modern Design elements: With Hestia Pro your site will appear amazing by mixing elegance with functional.
  • Flexible Customization The extensive settings of the theme provide different customizing options. This way, you are in a position to alter the design of your site in accordance with your individual preferences and preferences. Sites running Hestia Pro will not look identical to each other.
  • It includes more than just members, however it also contains one of the most popular shopping sites on the internet: WooCommerce. It is a great option for people who want to market products or services as a part of members benefits!


It is possible to easily incorporate an online store to be integrated to your site that will generate revenue as well as provide users with a seamless experience. In this means that Hestia Pro allows your site to grow and allow for a more commercial business model. Test Hestia Pro >>

5. The Authority Pro has been performing at its Top

Authority Pro WordPress theme

Authority Pro is recognized for its ability to significantly enhance user experience.

     HTML1 can be the best choice to use for:    

Authority Pro can be used to websites that concentrate on user-friendliness as well as conversion. It is an excellent option for companies looking to offer users a smooth user experience.

Highlights we like:

  • Conversion-Taped Sites: The layout is specifically designed to increase the conversion rate of site visitors. This is the best method to increase the number of people who visit your website.
  • Rapid Performance Users will not need to get entangled in web pages that are slower, providing users with a seamless browsing experience and will keep users coming back to the site.


To reap the maximum benefits from Authority Pro's speedy performance Make sure all your photos and other material are optimized for use of web pages..

So, you'll be in the position of maintaining fast speed of loading for your site. It will enhance user experience, and ensure that your website is always a top destination for your visitors.
    The homepage of the site, which was created to convert could prove to be a valuable source. Make sure it is treated carefully by constantly analyzing and tweaking the page's homepage in order for the most effective results.

Use this site to highlight your special products and services you can offer the customers you serve and witness the number of your customers increase. Check it out! Authority Pro

6. It is the Binder Pro is a place where Fashion and Function meet

Binder Pro WordPress theme

The word elegance is the game with Binder Pro. The components are user-friendly with an appealing design making it perfect for sites focused on the user experience and design.

     Fantastic to use for    

Companies that wish to bring the perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics to their site's members can get the perfect solution in Binder Pro. Binder Pro.

The Things We Love about:

Binder Pro is a well-known alternative for several sites that offer members with access, and a myriad of possibilities that will appeal to customers.

  • Plug-and-Play Modules: Offers easy-to-use modules for rapid, attractive layout designs.
  • One-stop solution is accompanied by a thorough instruction manual, that includes contact forms, customized pricing tables, and widgets that include WooCommerce support.
  • Multi-purpose:Presents design adaptability to meet the needs of different kinds of sites for membership.


Binder Pro's modules that are already installed let users swiftly and effortlessly integrate fashionable design elements into your site. Make use of these tools to design stunning Membership pages that can be converted. Check out Binder Pro >>

7. Shoppe: Growing the Ecommerce Experience

Shoppe WordPress theme

Shoppe is an reputable online store that is ideal for websites that offer sales and memberships. The unique design and simple-to-use tools enable you to handle the integration of your web-based store as well as an online member site effortlessly.

     The best alternative for:    

If your website is that has a membership element or an element of retail, Shoppe provides a one-stop solution.

Features We Enjoy:

Shoppe is one of the WordPress theme designed with a special emphasis on online shopping. This is why it's ideal for sites with the goal to boost sales. The main features of this theme can be listed as follows:

  • Ecommerce. First, you must design a structure that will increase the value of your merchandise.
  • Design tools which make it easy to use Live customizers as well as Demo installers that make designing effortless.
  • A unique dashboard The dashboard that you choose to use can be adapted to your specific needs. It has distinctive and easy-to-use interfaces that allows you to manage your website.


Shoppe allows you to make use of HTML0. Shoppe permits you to integrate and connect to your retail and subscription services and offer a superior user experience. Shoppe

8. Zelle opens your mind through performance enhancement

Zelle Pro WordPress theme

Zelle is an ideal blend of creativity and speed. The unique design features and rapid setting make it ideal for sites that want to stand out and also provide users with a smooth, easy-to-use user interface.

     The best to use for:    

Do you want an innovative and fresh option that won't impact the speed or performance of your site? Zelle is a fantastic alternative!

Our Top Five Things We Love About Our Favorite Things

This is one of the greatest characteristics that make it the best option

  • Unique appearance and attractive designThanks to its distinctive elements such as parallax effects as well as the ability to customize blocks of content Zelle lets you create stunning, stylish and elegant designs.
  • Quick InstallationZelle provides a speedy and straightforward configuration, which allows users create websites that allow members to join within minutes.


Use the innovative features of Zelle's design to add a distinctive visual design to your membership site. Parallax effects as well in individual content blocks, can help in distinguishing your site from other sites and aid in creating an appealing site to visitors on a smaller scale. Try Zelle >>

9. Elegant Harmonized Combo of form and Funktion

Elegant WordPress theme

Elegant is an outstanding theme that understands the importance of designing with balance and function. It was developed to be user-friendly and to ensure your customers enjoy an effortless experience.

If you're in search of a design company, portfolios that look professional, corporate sites and even an online store and more, Elegant is a great option to meet a range of demands to meet the requirements of business.

It also integrates with a variety of widely used WordPress plugins. This means that there is no need to compromise on all the options or features essential for running a successful business.

     Ideal for:    

Elegant's minimalist and clean design is perfect for businesses and membership websites who want a stylish look without impacting the performance of their sites.

What are the features we appreciate:

Elegant has a range of gorgeous features for your tables.

  • Multi-Colour DesignWith the possibility of use of six colors including social icons as well as layouts using multi-columns.
  • Portfolio Section can be built-in. It's a great method to present your service or products as well as your goods.
  • Help:Fully supports Member and WooCommerce. It's an all-inclusive solution for every member and eCommerce needs.


Use Elegant's Portfolio section to display your most impressive offerings or services. Utilize it to convey your worth and importance for your member. The number of members you sign up for increases. You can try Elegant

10. Astra is the best in terms of flexibility and ease of use.

Astra WordPress theme homepage

     Ideal For:    

If you're looking for high-end design, as well as an easy installation procedure You'll be awed by the possibilities Astra provides.

Highlights We Are Loving:

Astra is different from other themes available on the WordPress theme due to these factors:

  • Ultimate Modularity It is able to meet a variety of needs in relation to the user's preferences and visuals.
  • Starter Sites for Quick launch: Starter websites that dramatically speed up the production procedure from the beginning.


Utilize Astra's starter sites to create your website quickly. Thanks to the wide range of templates offered you can easily decide to alter and personalize the design to reduce time and energy. Testing Astra >

Last Thoughts

Online Ecommerce Shopping Website Or Store

This concludes our review of the best WordPress themes for registration! Each theme is distinct and features a distinct style and powerful capabilities making sure that your website does not just look attractive, but also a effective tool in terms of functionality..

Take note, what you want is a dress that represents your personal style and satisfies the requirements of your.

The sites we looked at aren't just appealing on initial glance. Their capabilities and features can help take your members of your website up to higher levels of success.

Look around and discover which is the best match for your company! We're on the edge of our seats, and are eager to see which you decide to go with! We'd love to talk with you. Additionally, we're available to assist in any questions or issues that you'd like to discuss with us. Just leave your ideas in the comments box to the right!

Additionally, there's...

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