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Jun 6, 2024

Kajabi as well as ClickFunnels are popular digital marketers. Both have funnels that are powerful and marketing tools used for creating and selling digital products. Both have a lot in common including funnels for email marketing, software for marketing, courses hosting etc.--it could be difficult to decide the best one that meets your needs.

The following article will address:

  • Which Kajabi is ClickFunnels Are You?
  • The driving force behind the majority of
  • Which of these is the best suited to the needs of your business?


What is the real meaning by Kajabi?

Kajabi was founded in 2010, as an online learning or a marketing platform. Kenny Reuter built it after trying to promote his lawn-sprinkler invention after noticing that there was no selling platform that he was happy with. The result was an online platform that gives course creators the opportunity to design and create classes. The platform has grown into an important part of the market that relies on creators.

Graphics - Kajabi homepage

Kajabi is a platform that blends an educational management system with writing software to make managing an online-based educational company easy. Additionally, Kajabi brings together marketing tools as well, with the ability to design funnels to selling certain digital items. By combining an email program for handling potential buyers and to keep people informed then you'll get an amazing digital platform for courses.

In 2023, Kajabi was launched in the year 2023. the company introduced Kajabi 2.0 that included the establishment of a social platform. Additionally, it offered the possibility of live classes as well as meeting in 2023, even the fact that it wasn't part of the initial. In 2023, the firm declared that they had earned 5 billion dollars in revenue from its founders.

HTML1 The benefits of Kajabi


  • Comprehensive course platform
  • Marketing funnels built-in
  • The integrated email is also available as Pages

Cons of Kajabi


  • Integrated emails and Pages
  • Costly
  • Ideal for classes that are synchronous
  • The instruction of the course is completely independent and interactive real-time platforms.

What exactly do you mean by ClickFunnels?

As opposed to Kajabi, ClickFunnels is a marketing application at first. It was designed by Russel Brunson as the tool to make it easier for sales and conversions when working in conjunction with companies that operate online. It's a selling process that takes potential customers through an order of value until specific percentage of them buy and convert. ClickFunnels was developed to make this online sales easier.

Clickfunnels - Home

It's equipped with an assortment of funnel templates that are designed to be used to promote practically anything. The templates of your funnel are able to serve as sales funnels to enhance the look of your courses, or even as a membership funnel. The process is predetermined, and beginning with ClickFunnels is straightforward. Add the details about your product or service then ClickFunnels will advertise the product or service you offer and will also host your site that you can display on. ClickFunnels provides an email platform to keep in touch with potential customers in buying the product or service you offer.

2022 was the year that ClickFunnels came out with an array of brand innovations, extending beyond funnel layout and permitting users to host their own websites and a complete web design, along with an online training course. It has signed an arrangement with Kajabi.

 The benefits of ClickFunnels


  • There are a myriad of funnels to choose from
  • Pages and email-building are part of the package.
  • It's easy to set up
  • Modern marketing tools, automated procedures

 Negatives of HTML0 clickFunnels


  • Course Builder may not be the most effective.
  • App coverage isn't the best.

What is the commonality that they have in common?

Both Kajabi as well as ClickFunnels are marketing and sales instruments that come with ready-made funnels and tools for marketing via emails. Here are some other features that share many in the same (we'll go over these in greater detail later). ).


  • It is easy to create landing pages with templates to pick from.
  • A customized sales funnel designed to suit all types of online companies .
  • Services to host different kinds of landing pages and sites
  • Explore functions and additional online tools to help businesses.

Kajabi 2.0 - app screens

What are the differences between them?

It's simple to recognize the differences between ClickFunnels and. Kajabi as you go through the first of their stories.

It's a simple fact that ClickFunnels was a web-based funnel platform for marketing, however it was later expanded to include a range of features in the later years. Kajabi began as a learning platform that had integrated marketing features.

Every platform is an expert at what they are designed for:


  • Kajabi is a fantastic educational platform that comes with excellent marketing tools.
  • Its ClickFunnels funnel is an outstanding builder but it is not a leading course-building system.

We'll go further into detail below.

ClickFunnels - Editing funnel

ClickFunnels, as compared with. Kajabi, the two rivals

1. The funnels


If you're looking for funnels, there's a great justification for why Russel Brunson is his name. ClickFunnels provides a variety of funnel styles to choose from. Every one of them is tried and tested designs. Similar to the online builders, you can modify the funnel according to your requirements. The funnel isn't just an instance. Instead, you are able to create pages or features in the way you'd like. The funnels you create could be customized to fit the style and design of the personal photo you've created.

They don't simply appear visually. They're specifically designed for UX as well as their effectiveness in marketing. Additionally, they provide the help of a highly skilled marketing team behind the product.

Clickfunnels - Product sub categories

You can incorporate payment methods into sales funnels in conjunction with different integrations such as Shopify, GoToWebinar, ConvertKit, Hubspot, and MailChimp.


Kajabi's funnels have the same design concept similar to ClickFunnels'. They've been developed to be fully functional so customers can select which templates they'd like to apply and input the required details. As with ClickFunnels' templates, Kajabi claims that their templates have been evaluated by experts and designed for specific use scenarios.

You can pick the specific funnel you require as you get started.

Kajabi integrated marketing

Once you have selected your funnel, Kajabi is as ClickFunnels. It is possible to select an integration option, and later modify the funnel to fit your brand or incorporate it with different applications, like Stripe or Paypal as well as linking to websites for landing pages or emails.

What is the most efficient method?

There isn't a winner against all the other. Both Kajabi together with ClickFunnels have identical funnel alternatives. ClickFunnels has greater funnels and offers 100 funnels however Kajabi offers six funnels. But, this may not be an issue for users who use Kajabi for their requirements.

It is best to market the items you have which is where we'll be next.

Kajabi app

2. The product

The option of ClickFunnels as well as. Kajabi may be a possibility in this scenario. This is due to the fact that every one is designed for the particular type or digital product.


A highly effective method to sell classes

Kajabi is a highly sought-after option in both cases for courses on marketing. There's nothing to compare. Although it's a fantastic product overall, founded on the course-based system but it's not the best product. It's essentially a video library or content library, with no structure at all.

To be able to compare Kajabi is among the top platforms for courses that are offered, specifically for recording classes that are recorded in advance and dependent. Kajabi provides assessments, monitoring of lessons and content drops as well as grades. It's possible to build pages for your courses and customize them or even use templates. In addition, you are able to incorporate content in nearly every way.

Kajabi's primary weakness in their software is the absence of live instruction. The company purchased Vibely to add video content and social networking capabilities, but the platform itself differs, having its own applications.

However, it's a clear fact is that Kajabi is the most suitable platform to teach classes. There could be a problem with the coaching courses also, since they're similar to online classes.

Although Kajabi is facing its own difficulties regarding its members-only and live product, it's definitely better than the alternatives. The program for membership provided by ClickFunnels is an average product. It's basically a content platform that's unlocked when it comes with a paywall.

If you're considering establishing an online community or perhaps a membership service, one of the two are the best options. We've evaluated different membership options in the below table.

online course funnel


The most efficient method of making money is to sell other products.

ClickFunnels may be utilized for anything other than. Anything that's not directly related to classes. For instance, selling an electronic product, the publication of a book, or creating leads in order to operate an enterprise that is primarily based on service. All these areas ClickFunnels is superior to Kajabi due to the fact that Kajabi isn't really focused on creating funnels similar to those. funnels.

If you're selling a product which isn't related to a course, ClickFunnels might be the best choice. It offers a wide range of funnels to suit each scenario. Depending on the situation, you will be able select the best funnel for the product you're offering.

Kajabi app

Do you want to include ClickFunnels alongside Kajabi?

The next one you're thinking "What should I do if I join ClickFunnels along with Kajabi?"

This won't be an ideal option for the majority of users. If you're developing a service which needs to be hosted via Kajabi or an online course, it's recommended to utilize the channels offered by Kajabi. The funnels don't require much effort and everything can be found from one place. Is it worth paying extra for ClickFunnels may not be worth it if Kajabi is already expensive enough.

3. The marketing suite

Then, we'll look at the different tools Kajabi along with ClickFunnels provide. Both are heavily influenced by web pages and have created websites to advertise their services.

These two platforms can be utilized to create websites as well as landing pages. They're user-friendly and simple to use. allow you to choose from a variety of websites. These contain pages designed for blogs and homepages. posts. In the past we've talked about how using Kajabi, it is possible to customize the pages of the courses. Courses that are offered through ClickFunnels have a simpler layout. There's a variety of templates that you can select from. It is also possible to create visual integrations to your website.

Both platforms permit sending emails. The email app on Kajabi lets users send emails directly through the Kajabi account. It is possible to replace a third-party program for sending email. Kajabi's functions for email are connected with its integrated system and the email message is able to be integrated into other components of the funnel, as and also delivered. Kajabi has a multi-touch system that allows you to distribute emails with already-designed sequences along with a range of different styles that you can pick from.

In contrast, ClickFunnels' email software is more tightly linked to the funnel's functionality, and does not function as an application for email that's specific to the software. There are a lot of modern features like autoresponder functionality, as well as email templates that are pre-designed and designed, as well as marketing tools such as cart recovery. It is possible to segment customers according to the history of sales or groups.

Kajabi 2.0 - app screens

Which is the top?

Both Kajabi as well as ClickFunnels are both good (not excellent) web builders. Both have the capabilities is required to create the basic site for your business or brand for selling. The two aren't as powerful with regard to a true website builder however, Kajabi is the better website creator among both. Kajabi is also an excellent alternative for email programs, but it's not an easy option since both provide the user with more choices. Both are great email programs with a variety of marketing tools to help you, including automation of sequences and automatizations, and segmentation.

However, ClickFunnels does a better job in integrating modern marketing tools. They will be introducing innovative and tried-and-tested tools each day. Its tools include countdown funnels and store funnels, as well as smart checkouts.

The Integrations

In the middle, ClickFunnels offers more integrations within the program. Kajabi can only support 15 integrations, however you are able to add additional integrations using Zapier.

The possibility of connecting to ClickFunnels

Actionetics, MailChimp, Twilio, Shopify, ActiveCampaign, AWeber, Constant Contact, ConvertKit, Drip, EverWebinar, Facebook, GetResponse, GoToWebinar, HubSpot, Infusionsoft, Kajabi, Mad Mimi, Market Hero, Maropost, PushCrew, SalesForce, Sendlane, ShipStation, SlyBroadcast, WebinarJam Studio, Zapier, ZenDirect, Zoom, Android Pay, Apple,, Bluesnap, ClickBank, EasyPayDirect, JV Zoo, Keap, NMI (Gateway Funnel Pros), PayPal, Recurly, Stripe, Warrior Plus

 Kajabi Integrations, Zapier, MailChimp, Segment, Stripe, Meta Pixel, Google Analytics, ConvertKit, Drip, PayPal, ActiveCampaign, Aweber, Google Tag Manager

The applications

The ClickFunnels statistics application is available for use in iOS and Android but it's not being examined. While ClickFunnels creates mobile-friendly products as well as funnels but it's created to allow the creation and usage of the application to run your online business.

As a contrast, Kajabi does have apps that can be used to run your business as well as to make media. It's a great alternative for those who depend heavily on mobile-first layouts. Kajabai's primary Kajabai functions to join as well as community are offered through a different application. In the event that you want to organize your community and courses together, the participants will need to download two applications. Be aware that Kajabi is an excellent online course management system, but its limitations include live courses and community events.


The end result is that Kajabi will win. ClickFunnels actually is focused on the products you're trying to create.


  • Marketing funnels using pre-recorded course sales? Utilize Kajabi.
  • The creation of complicated funnels to market something else that's not the course? ClickFunnels could be your best option. There's a range of funnels you can choose from, as well as specialized testing use-cases and tests and many Integrations.

Are you looking for another option?

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