Jun 6, 2024
Customer service in the age of AI

When new technology is released into the world It's tempting to dive head first into the newest technology and integrate it into every aspects of your company.

In today's age of AI, or Artificial Intelligence (AI), you could consider using chatbots as well as large language models (LLMs) within your offerings. We've found that there's a balance that needs to be struck, say Lauren Gilbert, Eyal Avital and Mau Fournier from the Customer Happiness team.

Particularly with regards to Customer Service, AI can help but must be considered with care in comparison to the actual human expert in Customer Service. "Many people want to turn the entire customer support responsibilities to the latest AI devices, but there are always situations where human interaction is required. Transferring everything to AI will likely make a number of your customers more frustrated as they were prior to when they submitted their feedback," starts Mau.

Let's look at possibilities and ways you can incorporate AI in your services.

Essential qualities for a customer service group

What would the perfect customer service look to be like? What can it do to best assist a company's clients?

"We attempt to live the five pillars of the PREACH model to maintain a strategy that is customer-centric," starts Eyal Avital. "We strive to be proud, responsible, Empathetic, articulate, concise and human.

It is a fact that empathy may be one of the most crucial. "Put yourself as they are in their position and show empathy for their situation. Let them know they are important to the people in the business who assist in managing the issue." Lauren says. Lauren.

"Empathy is frequently overlooked" states Mau. "You need to embody empathy in order to comprehend the client's problem You must also show empathy in your actions so that the client feels heard, which can help in reducing their defensiveness when they're feeling upset."

In addition, customers require help from someone who is knowledgeable enough regarding the platform to be able offer the necessary information and also the appropriate way to communicate the platform. "When you're dealing with an application that you rely on to run your business, obtaining support quickly from someone who knows the product inside and out and is able to help overcome a difficulty in a manner that's simple to grasp and take action regarding, is vital," thinks Lauren.

Customer service isn't simply a checkbox exercise. real kindness is crucial. "Don't simply answer a superficial query- look into what's motivating the inquiry and what they're trying to accomplish," thinks Mau. "Help them with the core problem, then follow-up in the future to confirm that they were able to accomplish the task. Your audience will be satisfied when they sense that someone on the other side really wants solutions to assist," he adds.

Be sure to think about the speed and clarity of your communicate with. "You should provide fast aid and be able to communicate in a concise and clear manner," starts Lauren. Eyal says: "You must be timely when responding to your clients. You could provide top-quality service, but if you're slow enough to be perceived as prompt by the customer They'll be dissatisfied and will view your interaction as negative."

In the event that AI fails

It is clear that AI could be beneficial, especially in the case of entrepreneurs or businesses that have a lot to do but it's not always an ideal option. There are few aspects of excellent customer service AI is unable to replicate.


As we've seen so far, AI is missing the goal of providing solutions that are able to meet certain customer's demands. There are a myriad of examples of help desk software that requires customers to respond to an array of questions prior to getting an answer from an algorithm. It is a fact that software designed to automate the process can solve a specific set of problems as it isn't necessarily a "one size fits all' circumstance.

"AI can certainly demonstrate proficiency and provide answers to questions - and they are often superior to humans however its knowledge isn't as accurate and as knowledgeable about your domain as a human could become," says Mau. "It can be useful with simple and quick interactions However, it's not in the position of providing assistance and can't follow up like a human could or in the least, not as yet."


While LLM (AI) apps have developed a more professional tone in their interactions with their customers, there's still one alternative. "LLM apps may use an acceptable tone, but they're not as effective as genuine empathy from humans. Humans are able to feel empathy and connecting an experience with the specific event cannot be replicated," says Mau.

In the same way, AI is all about immediate. "LLMs have a short attention span which is a part of the AI technologies," says the expert. "They aren't going to remember the conversation that you held just six months ago about your customer's issues or the way you've provided to them, or the fact that they enjoy going to fishing with their families. Bring these memories back into the new conversations will guarantee that your clients are reassured that you truly take care of them."

AI is an amazing instrument to assist

It's not saying that AI can't be useful for customer service. There's certainly plenty of clear opportunities to automate, as with every new technology It's important to know the best way to create and when to do it.

"We need to use AI for mundane tasks that could be automated while still leaving the human voice to people who have specific requests," begins Mau. " LLMs provide a wonderful first draft for replies, however, the most efficient results will be derived from the edits you apply to your draft. Bring your own voice into conversations."

"What was once the FAQ section on websites is now handled with artificial intelligence, or bots that can answer simple questions in a matter of minutes and all days. Any questions that aren't answered by the one-click and one-question options must be referred to a support agent," Eyal adds. "Otherwise the user could be angry. It's similar to the old days of getting stuck and needing to dial a number of times for the correct department on the phone."

The integration with AI is an ongoing process. "There's an evolving process (crawl-walk-run) to integrate bots and LLMs," starts Eyal. "New firms will be able to dedicate greater time and attention to their communities and provide hands-on help. When they become more well-known, they can offboard their basic frequently -asked questions and switch into LLM."

"AI can help you grow as your business grows, since more employees can raise inquiries," says Mau. "Many questions can be simple issues that AI will take off your mind, allowing you to be more focused on the more complex issues."

"You may be able rely on AI at the beginning of your journey, but I'd advise against using it. I'd recommend more manual support as you begin your journey and the types of questions you're asking in the early stage of your career offer filled with information which can help you understand your intended customers as well as the best ways to make improvements to your service in order to better satisfy them."


It appears it's evident that this "people-first" strategy we're pursuing is working very well. It combines the expertise from a variety of experts with the empathy that only humans could offer. Eyal affirms that our way of work helps to humanize Memberul as a company "a blend of empathy and sharing resources, as well as making it fun by using Emojis and GIFs" Make sure that the experience is enjoyable and practical.

Mau gives some reviews from customers who said it was a pleasure to speak "to someone who actually has such a warm approach towards helping" and a person who was able to provide individualized guidance on your specific concern. "That customer told me that it was the most efficient support they ever had!" smiles Mau.

Lauren is able to recall a client who contacted her with a concern about member retention. Based on the experience she has had in her business, as well as the unique patterns within the company, we were able provide recommendations on a pricing plan which ultimately improved her customers life-time worth.

"You might be able to utilize AI for help with the kind of issue but when it comes to making decisions that could be significant for your business, I'd venture to suggest that the majority of people do not believe in AI by itself and they shouldn't according to my personal opinion".

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