Mimika Cooney: Using Video to help you improve the quality of your marketing program (Interview)

Feb 19, 2024

HTML0 CEO Greg Smith interviews branding strategist Mimika Cooney regarding the use of video content to increase the efficiency of advertising on the web.

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South African born Mimika Cooney is a successful businesswoman who has several passions when it comes to hosting shows at the TV and as a method to build brands by using videos for marketing and also a photographer who has received numerous awards and is also an writer, speaker, or along with a mompreneur. She also has a published. book. Mimika's goal is to assist female entrepreneurs start the business that they've always wanted to have. She'll also help them improve their online presence and help their clients gain clients that they would like to gain and create the business they want to run as a firm and to expand the scope of their enterprise to allow them to concentrate on areas that they are attracted to and are passionate about.

Mimika started her business at just 16 and was accomplished in running four companies in three places: South Africa, England and the USA. Mimika is a strategic adviser in the area of Branding, Video and Marketing for entrepreneurs. She is a specialist in the area of training as well as authors as well as presenters. Mimika is known for her job as an instructor of workshops. Her mastermind events have also included workshops as for workshops.

To reach Mimika you can reach her at mimikacooney.com

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