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Jun 6, 2024

LMS Gamification Strategies: Strategies to keep your learners In the Loop

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                 Include badges and points to your online course, and you'll tap into an effective biological process that increases engagement, enhances retention, boosts the rate of completeness, and encourages students to stick around to learn further. Learn more about LMS Gamification to up your game in online education.        

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Everyone would like to be the kind of people who learn to learn for the sake of learning. It's true that learning is a worthy method to fill your days However, in the age of TikTok and Instagram Reels, it's all about the dopamine boost.

It doesn't matter whether we're happy or not, learners from all ages are losing focus. For an online course creator is difficult to keep up with the immediate gratification options available on competing websites and apps. So if you can't beat them, join them.

When you add gamification components such as badges, points, and quizzes to your courses By incorporating gamification elements such as badges, points and quizzes into your courses align with the fast-paced and reward-driven mentality that today's students have.

This method ensures that students are engaged and helps them retain more information and finish their courses better. Plus, a gamified learning experience encourages students to enroll in many more classes, ensuring your success in the competitive field of education online.

Learn more as we take you on how to integrate gamification into your WordPress LMS, helping you reap the advantages of gamification in your online class.
       We can transform your classes into exciting, enjoyable learning experiences!

What exactly is LMS Gamification?

By implementing LMS Gamification, you're adding gaming elements to your online course.

This includes badges, points, and other rewards when you complete tasks or learning content.

Remember the kick you got by receiving a gold medal at elementary school? It turns out that many people enjoy receiving the rewards of these at any age. If you've ever tried mastering the language of Duolingo You've experienced the importance of points leaderboards, or even basic reward points.

Did you know it's so enjoyable for an animated owl to tell you that you're working hard?

Duolingo Screenshot gamification example
Duo the Duolingo owl

When you integrate these gaming elements into your LMS, you can create a more engaging and rewarding learning experience. It keeps students motivated and encourages them to push into challenging content and reach the goals of their education.

7 Advantages of LMS Gamification

We'll take a closer look at the positives of game-based learning:

1. Boosts Engagement and Interaction

Gamification, in the first place, helps to make learning enjoyable, and keeps students engaged and eager to take part.

Points and badges serve as rewards to take part in your online course. Students are also motivated to continue engaging with the course material, and engaging elements such as quizzes to create an engaging experience that holds the learners interested.

2. Increases retention and comprehension of Materials

Reward can improve retention. In providing students with a tangible and immediate motivation to retain information (e.g. to earn points in a quiz) They'll be able to put in greater effort in absorbing the material.

3. Supports Continuous Progress

A clear set of goals, as well as instant feedback keeps learners focused. If students can track their progress, they're more motivated to reach the next level.

4. Fosters Healthy Competition

Spur learners to improve to be better with leaderboards, and challenges. An occasional game of friendly rivalry can help improve driving performance.

5. Higher Rate of Course Completion

Learners who are motivated and enthusiastic will be more likely to successfully complete courses. Gamification helps keep them hooked from start to finish.

6. Adds Value to Your Course

In all the ways above, gamification adds to the appeal of an online course. With a couple of simple aspects to your course, your course will be more attractive to buyers or be able to charge more for it.

7. Promotes Long-Term Learning

Rewards-based satisfaction will encourage learners to keep coming back for more, leading to continual training and development of skills which ultimately means more business for you!

When you incorporate gamification into your course, by incorporating gamification elements, you're adding value to the course by enhancing students' experience, improving the rate of their successes and setting yourself up for future businesss simultaneously.

Gamification of LMS Techniques and Best Practices

What can you do to make gamification use on your website for e-learning? We'll run you through the key aspects and the best practices that which you can incorporate easily in your online course.


LMS Gamification Quizzes

First off, you need to establish a way for your learners to accumulate points. It is possible to reward students for only reading material from the course, but quizzes go a step beyond that by giving you the ability to gauge how much they've learned the content and reward their efforts accordingly.

Quizzes also add an engaging element to the class that makes it more exciting as opposed to watching videos or reading content.

An easy multiple-choice question at the end of each lesson can assist in re-learning the content and let students test their knowledge before moving on to fresh content. However, to really amp the gamification factor, you may be able to add a brief assessment at the end of each class.

An instant dopamine boost at regular intervals will help boost engagement and give more chances for students to rack up their scores.

Points Systems

Points are the mainstay of LMS gaming. Make your rewards system more efficient by giving a variety of points to different accomplishments depending on the level of difficulty. For example:

  • Reward students with 1 point for simple actions like signing in to complete a class, making a comment.
  • Five points for more involved actions like completing a course
  • as well as 10 points for activities which require greater effort, for example, taking a test.

The important thing is to establish a fair point distribution system that rewards your participation and efforts.


Now your students can earn points. It's time to provide them with a reason to rack them up!

Leaderboards are a simple method to build a sense of competition, and encourage your top-performing students to go that extra mile to be the top of the line.

The idea is to show lifetime points to reward your most loyal users, however, less frequent users will not reap the same benefits. Daily or monthly leaderboards are a Use daily or monthly leaderboards for:

A) to encourage continuous participation

b) make it easier for players to play and encourage new players who have not been involved in the same way for as long, to be best scorers.

Point Redemption

Increase the value of points through allowing students to exchange points for reward. It can be anything from digital badges to discounts on the next course, unlocking new levels or exclusive content.

If you offer tangible rewards in exchange for points, you'll keep your students interested and encourage the continuous development of their skills and engagement.


Awards turn successes into celebrations.

Unlike points, which can seem abstract, badges give a visual and tangible sense of achievement. Offer badges to serve as a proud evidence of your student's accomplishments and achievements, such as finishing lessons, scoring points, or commenting a certain number in a row on the site.

By using badges, you can give an additional dose of excitement and enthusiasm to your LMS gamification strategy, making your learning experience more rewarding and engaging.

The addition of Gamification through Members Add-ons

Member is an WordPress LMS and Membership plugin which allows you to easily add any of the aspects of gamification into your online course through the addition of add-ons.

You can see what add-ons you can get on the current plan for your Member by going to Member > Add-ons.

WLM add-ons screenshot

In this section, you'll be able to enable the add-ons you want to incorporate to your LMS.

Let's look over each add-on, and how you can use these add-ons to make an interesting online class on your WordPress website.

CourseCure Courses

It is available on all membership plans, CourseCure Courses enables you set up unlimited courses on your WordPress site.

It is easy to build your course with lessons and modules using the user-friendly interface in CourseCure.

Add content to your lessons by using WordPress's Gutenberg editor. It allows users to integrate video content, widgets, images, and more.

With CourseCure Courses, you can create a dynamic and stimulating learning environment for your students.

WLM Courses screenshot

After you've set up your courses Now is the time to make them gamified!

CourseCure Quizzes

Create the "Passing Score" on your quiz to determine how many questions students must complete correctly to move on in the class.

LMS Quiz passing score screenshot

Additionally, you can automate when someone passes or fails a quiz.
       For example you can:

  • Send an automatic email congratulatory along with the next steps after a learner passes a quiz.
  • Unlock a new membership level to learners who pass the test to further encourage advancement.
  • Give additional assistance to students who have failed an exam to assist to improve.

Take advantage of the add-on CourseCure Quizzes which will not just increase engagement but also give your students the highest opportunity to master your subject which will increase their happiness and the likelihood of repeat customers.

Member Points

Member Plus, Pro and Elite users have an access point upgrade.

You can use points to reward engagement across the entirety of your website. You can, for instance, award points for logging in, or for posting comments.
       However, points are really great when used for LMS gaming.

Reward points when students pass an exam or finish a course, a unit or lesson.

Conversely, you can utilize the add-on points to subtract points when learners are unable to pass a test, or even remove a comment.

Points rules setup

This Member Points add-on also comes with a banner that is able to be displayed anywhere on your site.

Decide whether to highlight top scorers according to the lifetime score, points per month as well as daily points.

  • Exclusive content and access to it.
  • Membership upgrades
  • Badges (if the Member Badges add-on is activated.)

If users are aware that they could receive something to earn points, it raises the stakes, boosting their participation within your program.

Member Badges

Provide customers with a glittering emblem of their achievement when they

  • Finish their first lesson/ module
  • Attain a specific point on the path
  • Comment on a specific number of remarks
  • Attending a particular point
  • Pass a quiz

This add-on has an entire library of pre-made badges.

Badges Library

Alternately, you could create your own badge to create a unique user experience for your trainees.

In summary

Engaging in LMS gamification is a smart strategy to make learning more fun and productive. Through the integration of badges, points, and quizzes to your online courses that caters to today's learners' desire for immediate gratification and rewards, making learning more enjoyable and enhancing the learning outcomes of learners.

Utilize Member's add-ons in order to incorporate these gamification strategies. Your students will enjoy the more engaging and satisfying experience, and you'll have better engagement, greater rate of completion, and also more repeat business.

Begin gamifying your classes now and transform them into exciting, addicting learning experiences that keep students coming back to learn more. Gamify your LMS and watch your learning success expand!

                 We'd love to hear from you!                

Did you try gamification in your online classes? How has it affected students' participation and retention levels? Share your experiences, tips, and questions by leaving a comment below! Join us in a discussion and collaborate to make an experience that is as educational as it can be.

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