Five Things You Must Know to Be an Expert B2B SaaS Account Executive -

Jun 14, 2024

In order to become an expert B2B SaaS account executive it is necessary to deal with people, relationships as well as the business.

A lot of times most of the time, the responsibility for the success of a company falls on accounts executive's (AE) to carry since it's their duty to find clients.

Although maybe unfair but it's the truth of work. There are certain things you can focus on in order to make the most of your connections with prospective clients and make the most of your time.

The 5 Must-Know Strategies

For an AE, there are certain things you need to master:

 Knowing what your customers actually want.

The buyer can often be influenced by what is valuable to them but the best account executives can formulate open-ended inquiries that probe the real pains and uncover previously undiscovered information. In sum, identifying the nuance between what customers think they need and what they actually need.

 It's not a bad sales rep If you find out that the customer doesn't need your solution.

If anything, the best agents are able to swiftly and courteously inform potential clients that they're not suitable.

Prospects and AEs alike would prefer to part friends early in the sales cycle rather than a long slow process that is drawn out. Remember, industry average SQO to close rates usually are between 20-30%..

 Building trust and credibility with your prospect is essential.

In today's sales world, customers are extremely educated and will heavily research the solution before even engaging with the company. Websites such as G2 Crowdand TrustRadius help with this.

It is crucial to not tell them something that counters the research they've conducted until trust has been established. The true gold medal comes the moment you understand their business and position some new ideas that they weren't conscious of... and these don't all need to be directly related to your service or product.

Imagine if you could add the value of your customers in addition to making sales.

 Remove any red flags or barriers that might be an obstacle.

Such as additional stakeholders, budget constraints Security reviews, budget constraints, etc.

The preparation and identification of possible barriers is the majority of the struggle. Laying down the groundwork to build a clear and honest relation with the customer is crucial to the success of this.

If your customer isn't transparent with you and without transparency from your client, you could end up without information on the latest changes within their organization and find yourself in a bind due to it.

 Educate. Provide valuable third-party resources along with your own through the entire sales period.

In the past, we're currently in the age of the educated consumer where the buyer is already knowledgeable about the product prior to having even spoken to a sales rep.

Your advocates step in.

As we explained in the closing the qualified prospectsblog post, connecting prospective buyers to other clients or customers can have a large influence on the decision of a prospective buyer to purchase.

Additionally You should also direct them toward other independent sources, such as studies from websites like Forrester and Gartner. Information from reliable sources within the B2B SaaS industry not written by your business is key, as it will lack any bias coming from your perspective.

 Establishing an up-front contract.

Create your goals for the buying process. What are your buyers' milestones for evaluating the product/solution? What are your milestones for the buying period?

A contract that is up-front refers to an agreement in writing by the seller and buyer which sets the level of play and establishes what they both expect of each other during the sales procedure.

It can also be an effective tool for determining whether a prospect is actually a fit for your product. When you first meet with an interested buyer and you are able to have a conversation and ask a few questions.

Instead of going on a 45-minute monologue on how your product is going to transform their lives, you should first determine if they will be benefited by your product. If they don't, end the conversation there to save you as well as your potential customer time and money.

To summarize...

To become a expert B2B SaaS account manager, you must know what your buyers actually need in order to build trust and establish rapport, surface potential red flags, educate the buyer, and establish an upfront agreement.

Taylor Bond

Taylor Bond   Taylor works as an Account Executive at and formerly the Co-Founder and Head of Growth at SalesRight (Now Interactive Quotes). He is constantly talking about pricing psychology as well as the Canadian tech scene, as well as diversity & inclusion in tech. In his spare time, you'll be able to find him leading Canada's biggest LGBTQA+ technology community or looking for poutine or bagels.