Brand videos every business needs (plus six staff-picked examples)

Dec 6, 2023

Top branded videos for your marketing plan

1. Explainer videos

When you've finished an explaining video, your audience should be able to find the information they've been searching for.
Explainer videos can be educational they can be found in a variety of formats that can answer customer questions. They go through the steps of using a product or explain an idea of thought-leadership with a conversational format.


Explainer videos make great support documentation, answering FAQs in any phase of the buying process.

The most important aspect of a good explainer video is that it isn't sales-driven. Don't try to convince anyone to buy something. Instead, describe a problem and find a solution. You can also address a commonly asked question such as this simple yet effective video:

Explainer videos tend to be extremely high-level. They are designed for the customer earlier in the funnel, and could be at the research phase.

To understand what kind of explanation you require for your video marketing campaigns inquire with your sales representatives what questions they answer on a daily basis. Get to know your customers and what they're experiencing and seeing.

If you're about to launch a new product and need to make an video to explain the product meet with your marketing department to determine the most significant aspects to emphasize and also the most effective approach to achieve this.

Animation and illustrations are a wonderful method of communicating product information or complicated concepts that benefit by visualisation.

In order to create a strong explanation video, remember these tips to keep in mind:

  • Make sure you know your plan and organize the way you will present yourself to your target audience.
  • Be straightforward. Do not waste your time with unnecessary info or pictures that detract from the point.
  • Be professional and friendly. tone.
  • Provide captions that are accessible as well as user preferences.

Staff Pick example

The ride is on in this explainer docu-style video about the 2020 Norco Optic. Bryan Atkinson flies down the tracks of interior British Columbia while narrating how he maneuvers through the terrain using the bike's features. There's only the bike, the rider, and the environment.

What it does:This video perfectly captures the experience of using the product at an expert degree. The video is geared towards of outdoor lovers, adventure seekers, and bike riders. It's also short and visually beautiful.

2. Videos for promotion

The concept behind a promotional video also known as a promo video, is all about creating brand awareness. You're building hype or teasing a launch with a short-form video.

Promo videos provide a brief snippet of what's to come that are designed to attract attention and draw attention to your site through the social media channels or any other. The best promo videos are short, exciting, and quickly establishes a visually distinct identity (hopefully aligned with your band).

Promo videos are also a great opportunity to tap important creators that your audience has heard of or would be a admirer of. If you reach out to creators, you will also expand your audience.

Staff Pick example

Why it works: Well, Raheem Sterling. The reason it works is that, contrary to what we've suggested above, this promo may be a little longhowever, its length provides an air of humor to the scenario taking place. Do you think laughter is the most effective way to market a cell phone? We believe so.

3. Story of the brand and BTS videos

Brand story videos are essentially a branding story video is essentially a "get to know me" or an origin story for your company.

With the right budget and the right people with the right team, a video about your brand will serve as a key marketing resource over the course of years.

The importance of brand story videos is to be done right. So before diving into production, be sure to have an outline, a narrative board, and script that is ready for.

By presenting a behind-the-scenes video, viewers get a glimpse into the brand. They look at your team, your system for getting things done, or showcase where it gets done. They may also provide an event or promotional campaign a new perspective.

4. Webinars

How do you make an outstanding webcast?

Make sure you are focused on your content, build the best experience possible, and figure out ways to engage your audience.

5. Videos of case studies

6. Branded content with a narrative

Narrative videos tell an account with the intention of entertainment. That's it.

While all of your company's videos should be entertaining, that doesn't have to be their sole goal.

Narrative content for brands tells an account. In contrast to a story about a brand, it doesn't have to include your origins. A more typical advertisement format, these commercials have a reason for their products that's higher than their business.

Many narrative brand videos focus on larger themes like the family unit, love, compassion, and dedication. They follow a story arc. We witness an exposition, the climax and finally, resolution. Then we are given a character, who changes.

Brand narratives are often employed to promote or build on a theme, such as Nike's "Just Do It" or "Dream Crazy" campaigns.

Staff Pick examples

Rimowa uses a similar tactic to tug at the heart strings with its meaningful travel campaign. The film is about travel travelling, travel, and missing calls.

Why it works: Both narrative examples follow a similar formula: problem-agitate-solution. The reader gets to understand the case study of an person, revealing the struggles, tribulations, and joys of their life. The stories feel intimate and pull us in with no need for familiarity with the brand or product.

7. Creative brand campaigns

A general category that covers these brand videos that do not fit elsewhere. A creative brand video is just that -- it takes the approach of a different type than an unstructured marketing video. In reality, there isn't a formula for this. All you need is to be all-in on a creative idea that is something you are passionate about and aligns with your brand identity.

Businesses looking to implement a an innovative approach, take a look into the agencies, filmmakers or teams behind the most creative and inspiring videos. Get in touch with them to find out what they did to collaborate with customers. What was the deadline and budget? How much creative input would you like to have? Decide the size of this video marketing campaign. Does it have to be linked to an event? Rebranding? A specific item?

 Staff Pick examples

It's difficult to define the kind of video "Obscura" is; maybe since it's an art-film disguised as an advertisement. This is a great illustration of how a company can trust the creator with their brand with respect and artistic creativity.

Reading from Mary Oliver's poem "Wild Geese" over beautifully recorded mornings along the North Coast. Through capturing the splendor of nature and the beauty of nature, this Patagonia Australia video is all needed to be.

What it does: Surprising your audience is a good thing. It means you'll stand out against the other websites.

All businesses of all sizes can make an impression with a content library of powerful and visually appealing brand videos. It's your responsibility to create your own unique style and message into each form of video and keep your audience at the forefront of it.